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Non-woven wallpaper 106414, Uni Elegant Leaves, Kabuki, Graham & Brown


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Monochrome, dark green non-woven wallpaper with a fine texture.
Easily combine with related patterns.

Colection: Paradise, Kabuki
Material: Vliesové tapety
Dimension: rozměry 0,52 x 10 m
Colors: Zelená
Producer: Graham & Brown

čištění vodou Lehce zašpiněné se mohou vyčistit vlhkou houbou.tapety s dobrou stálostí na světle Tapety s dobrou stálostí na světle.odstranění beze zbytku Tapety se dají odstranit zasucha beze zbytku.natírat stěnu Natírat lepidlem pouze stěnu.bez prostřihu Bez prostřihu, není potřeba dávat pozor na vzorek.

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Non-woven wallpaper 106414, Uni Elegant Leaves, Kabuki, Graham & Brown

  • KABUKI collection - Kabuki was a traditional form of Japanese theater with an all male cast. Recently, this ban has been lifted and females are now able to perform both gender roles

    This collection represents masculine and female designs overlaid with the dramatic theater of colour. Exploring the Yin and Yang of these oriental wallpapers, Kabuki epitomisesthe multi-facets of this years trends. Sleek, elegant and modern, Prism features a delicate modern geometric mixed with an on trend palette. This simple yet desirable design will create a stylish and clean aesthetic for a modern day interior. This stunning art-deco style wallpaper features an eye-catching geometric pattern and adds vintage sophistication to any room.

  • Vlies wallpapers are characterized by a good breathability, mechanical resistance and the ability to cover fine cracks. Wall thicknesses equal to or less than 0.8% is suitable for non woven wall coverings. When pasting vlies wallpapers, the adhesive is applied directly to the underlying wall to which the individual stripes of the wallpaper are applied. For pasting, use a non woven wallpaper adhesive for vlies wallpapers, which can be found in our adhesive range. Removing vlies wallpapers is easy and could be done in a dry condition of the wallpaper.

  • It is advisable to use a primer to each wall before wallpapering. The primer unifies underlayments absorption and increases adhesion of subsequent layers.
  • roll 0,52 m x 10 m
  • pattern repeat: 0 cm
  • non-woven backing, vinyl surface
  • colour: green
  • collection: Kabuki
  • producer: Graham & Brown

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