Manufacture of wallpaper

The manufacture of wallpapers is thanks to the new technologies and materials rapidly developing sector again.
In these days we can divide the production of wallpapers into two basic groups:

1. Classic wallpaper manufacture - gravure printing, silk-screen printing, flexographic printing


  • In the larger produces amount, there is substantially lower the material costs (paper, color)
  • The possibility of printing metallic paints and pearls
  • More options of surface treatment and structure
  • A variety of embossed wallpapers
  • Perfect printing quality
  • Is suitable for larger series printing - optimum quantity of 500 rolls min.


  • An increased cost for print rollers or sieves
  • Longer time for production preparation

2. Digital production of wallpapers – commission printing


  • A possibility of fast printing even in very small quantities
  • Simply preparation
  • Individual printing
  • Various types of materials
  • Latex digital printing


  • Metallic colors cannot be printed
  • Higher price

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