Object of Claim Rules

The Complaint Rules apply to goods that have been purchased with an Internet shop operator.
The warranty period begins to run from the date of taking delivery of the goods by the buyer. The goods are delivered with the warranty stated in the warranty card.

Buyer's right to complaint, where to make a complaint

  • If the buyer detects a defect on the packaging material, where the goods have been damaged, they are obliged to write a report of irregularities with the supplying person or may refuse to take over the consignment.
  • If the customer discovers that the goods are damaged, it is necessary to inform the supplier within 3 working days after the delivery of the goods, otherwise the customer need should not be taken into account.
  • If a defect occurs within six months from the takeover, the goods are considered to have been defective already at takeover.
  • Any disputes can also be solved through an out-of-court procedure through the Czech Trade Inspection (

Deadline to make a complaint

The buyer is obliged to complain properly and in a time manner, that means without any delay after the defect is discovered. If the consumer did not complain on time / in the claim - warranty period / he has no entitled to a positive settlement of the complaint

Seller's responsibility

If the purchaser makes complain about the goods at any of the branches of the operator (complain about goods only at branches in Příbram, Ostrava, Prague and Teplice) or directly at the operator, the responsible person is obliged to check the complaint properly and if the processing does not require professional assessment, immediately. If the need for an expert assessment is necessary, the time limit for processing the complaint is 30 days from the claim was made, unless the buyer agrees to extend the time in a writing form. An information about how the complaint was settles is reported to the customer at the place where the complaint was made or send to a contact addresses specified by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed in writing form. On a purchaser request is a responsible worker obligate to give a confirmation of the date when was the complaint made, or a confirmation of the repair (defect removal).

Complain about Wallpapers

  • The complaint can be only made by submitting an original label indicating the number and batch.
  • The complaint can be applied to role quality, does not apply to mistakes during gluing wallpaper.
  • The complaint cannot be applied to the completely glued roles. The customer is required to check the series, pattern and shade of the wallpapers before gluing.

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