VAVEX 1990 s.r.o.,

Vavex 1990 s.r.o. is a family company with a tradition from 1990. Our main objective is production and sale of quality wallpaper made in our own factory in Teplice.

There is more than 1000 kinds of wallpaper in the portfolio from own production as well as imported from the world´s leading manufacturers that Vavex represents on the Czech market.

To provide perfect service to the customers and comprehensive range for creation of comfortable living or representative commercial premises we continuously broaden our product range. There is also wide bathroom product range, quality tiles, floor coverings, wall decoration, ceiling and skirting boards and textiles.

Innovation, excellent quality of products, new technologies and monitoring of new trends on the market are the key features of our success.

Vavex 1990 s.r.o. …for a good impression…

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