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If you want to calculate the consumption, you cannot just easily calculate a size of the wallpaper space, like when painting, because there is an European size of a role 10, 05m x 0,53 m,- that means only three stripes in a normally height room are needed. Patterned wallpapers often have a “rapport”, which is an extra cut-in. Depending on the type of the rapport, we can, more or less, include the cut-in in the calculation. If there is no need to put a pattern together, glue the wallpaper regardless of pattern and cut smoothly. So there is practically no waste. In direct splicing, patterns on the each stripes are intersperse with each other at the same height. While cutting, you need to keep the stripes together, so the motive lies on the each other. The cut-in is, at least at the small rapport, relatively small. If there is a need to glue with an overlap, there is a pattern shift between the stripes, this shift is given together with the rapport on the label on the roll. The figure 61/32 means the repeating pattern after 64 cm and the motive shift between left and right edge of the wallpaper by 32 cm. Therefore, the maximum cut-in can be as large as the rapport in the extreme case. If the room has niches, slanting walls or bow windows, such details must be included in the calculation additionally. Window and door panels are not deducted but added, analogously to the method prescribed by VOB for the painting work budget.

Using our calculator, you can calculate the roles you need for your work:

Wallpaper Room
A roll width: (cm) A wall height: (cm)
A roll coil: (cm) A wall width: (cm)
A cut-in: (cm)
Needed rolls:

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