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Vlies wallpapers are practical

Wallpaper characteristic

Vlies (read flies) wallpapersare the special wallpapers made of nonwoven fabrics, which are made by combing polyester and cellulosic fibers, wherein the fibers are mutually bonded together with the binder. This achieve a maximum dimensional stability. The wallpapers are also characterized by a high air and water vapor resistance. A carrier layer is pressed and smoothed, PVC foam or polyacrylate is used to create a designs. Theirs popularity have vlies wallpapers mainly thanks to their easy application to the walls, where the adhesive is applied only to wallpapers and so there is no need to soak and moisten the wallpapers. An undoubted advantage is also theirs easy removal (in a dry condition can be the nonwoven wallpaper pulled off the wall) and potential repair if the wallpaper is damaged. Vlies are used without any problems, are wear-resistant and also suitable for bridging tiny cracks. We recommend Beeline glue from our offer to paste the nonwoven wallpapers.

The preparation and pasting the vlies wallpaper on the wall

The underlayment

  • Carefully clean the walls of the room and adjust the unevenness, eg. by a balancing material. Remove the old wallpapers and water-soluble paint. If is the underlayment dry and tough, you can approach the pasting. On a fresh plaster, spatula, plasterboards and all absorbents underlayment should be a primer applied. You can make the underlayment penetration with a wallpaper paste according to the enclosed instructions. Wet underlayment is not suitable. Also, if the underlayment is significantly different in color or patterned, it is better to paint it with a wallpaper shade penetration. If you are going to repaint the wallpaper, the underlayment may be different in color.

Wallpaper paste


  • The length of the vlies wallpaper strip on the wall = the height of the room + 0.05 m addition on the top and bottom for a cut. When the vlies wallpapers have a pattern, always put a roll so, that the beginning of the pattern follow. You should mark the top of the wallpaper with a pencil so that the wallpaper strip cannot be overturned during the pasting. Paste the wallpaper strips from the window towards the door. Use a plumb line to mark the vertical line in advance. Paste the vlies wallpapers on the wall close to each other, just in the corners and trouble places you can paste them over each other. When pasting over the sockets and switches, turn the electric current off, unscrew the cover, paste the wallpaper and then cut it off. When pasting a window niches, let the wallpaper overhang and then cut it off precisely. Next to the radiators, fold the wallpaper about 10-15 cm. The ceilings rather do in the pair. Apply the paste to the wall or to the wallpaper (according to the manufacturer's instructions) with a spreading roller. The dry strips of the cut vlies wallpaper roll the front side down, put this roll to the adhesive covered wall, slowly unfold and press to the wall by a rubber roller. The edge of the wallpaper that extends over the bottom cut off by a knife with an aid of a ruler. Adhesive residues remove as soon as possible by a clean piece of clothing. If you want individually and separately adjust the wall with a border, use the pencil and ruler to mark the place on the dry wallpaper where you want to stick it.

Vliesová tapeta 358000z kolekce Masterpiece Vliesová tapeta 369081 z kolekce Resource Vliesová tapeta 7100001 z kolekce My Home Vliesová tapeta EW3011 z kolekce Exposed Warehouse Vlies wallpaper 20-738 From the collection Midas

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