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Wallpapers, what do we know about them?

Wallpaper is an additional decorative surface, usually glued to the base, which is the most often a wall of buildings and furniture surfaces.
The first wallpapers were made of leather by painting, hallmarking and pressing. The textile wallpaper shows up in the 17th century, and the paper ones even later. However, it is not just a decorative paper to cover the walls, which is used where we do not want to paint. Today's wallpapers are capable, thanks to the new technologies, to create a very pleasant atmosphere and give the interior a face and originality.

Benefits of the wallpapers

  • The wallpapers lasts longer than a color and does not fade or changes theirs shades on the sun
  • The wallpaper can be washed and can be removed without any remainders
  • Wallpapers can be glued to the walls or to the floor
  • Wallpapers allow a quick and radical change if you do not like them anymore.
  • They are highly decorative, you can choose from a wide range of designs, materials
  • There is a minimum of waste and dust during installation.

Types of wallpaper

  • Paper wallpaper
  • Vlies wallpaper
  • Vinyl wallpapers
  • Textile wallpaper
  • Pestructs
  • Silk wallpaper
  • Glass veil and glass fiber wallpapers
  • Special wallpaper


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