Preparation before gluing wallpaper

  • Before wallpapering, check the symbols that are important when purchasing and then working with wallpapers. Always glue the wallpapers with one production series!
  • All wallpapers should have the same serial number to achieve the same shade.
  • The surface must be straight, clean, non-greasy, free of all paint or previous wallpapers. We recommend to wash the smooth surfaces and old paints, and roughened them with sandpaper. Repair plaster unevenness with gypsum or gypsum putty, smooth it with a spatula, let it dry and sandpaper it. Apply a primer coat on very absorbent and rough surfaces. Smooth out the rougher stucco plaster, or past it with a foundation paper.
  • To remove the old wallpapers, use the Beeline wallpaper remover.
  • Buy one role more than you have calculated for consumption. It will serve as a reserve for any possible repairs. When re-buying wallpapers, the shade of a role may no longer be the same as the original one.
  • The greater quality is achieved if you glue foundation paper on the surface before wallpapering.
  • When calculating roles, especially wallpapers with patterns are treacherous, you have to count with a bigger cut.
  • If you use the foundation paper, it should always be pasted perpendicularly to the wallpaper so the joints do not overlap.
  • Remove the air bubbles from the wallpaper by puncture them with a sharp knife. By brush put a little bit of adhesive in it and brush it with a damp sponge.
  • Do not use a roller on plastic wallpaper, the wallpaper structure may be damaged. Press the wallpaper with a cloth instead.
  • When using decorative borders, be sure to mark a horizontal line on the wall along which you will be paste this border.
  • Since wallpapring until wallpapers are dry, avoid drafts or extreme heat. The optimal temperature is 18 ° C.

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