15. květen 2017

How to build a dream • Vavex Wallpapers

On Monday May 15th, you could watch TV Prima´s show How to build a dream, - there was a great cottage reconstruction in the cottage area near Pilsen and our wallpapers were there too. A small, 4 and a half years old Martinka with her grandmother live there. She takes care of Martinka with her´s boyfriend and they use this cottage as a permanent residence. Martinka wished a new kitchen for her grandmother,- they cook and bake together and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Skillful designers, Zuzana Schubertová and Martina Pištěláková (Epes Rádes) decided to reconstruct the entire cottage, not only the kitchen, but also the staircase, bedroom and last but not least the Martinka children's room, where the Vavex wallpapers were placed.

The children's room has become a small paradise for Martinka by placing new furniture and accessories, as well as Eijffinger's wallpaper, the Hits for Kids collection - specifically, no. 351510 tree motif wallpaper.

Viewers of this show could see again how magic interior you can create with the use of wallpaper and not only in children's rooms.

Tapeta 351710 • kolekce Hits for Kids Tapeta 351710 • kolekce Hits for Kids Tapeta 351710 • kolekce Hits for Kids

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