11. květen 2018

Another year has passed and we gladly let you know the results of the sale of children's wallpapers from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 period. 2784 pieces of children's wallpapers were sold in total. We were able to send the amount of CZK 8.352 to the Tereza Maxova Foundation. This amount will be used for a 7-year-old girl growing up in foster care. This little girl was born to a mother who consumed alcohol during pregnancy – thus she was born with fetal alcohol syndrome.. Until her 9 months, she grew up in a family where her father and her two older sisters cared for her. However, her father died of lung cancer, and on that day a little girl from the family was taken away and placed under a interlocutory injunction at the Children's Center in Kladno. Later, she was placed in the custody of the state. She got the foster mother in February 2013. She is very fond of animals, horses at most. Every year, she goes to a hipotherapeutic stay. Hiporehabilitation program is always composed  of hipotherapy twice a day, canistherapy once a day, horse cleaning, art program, magnetotherapy and music therapy, mixed therapy. So it's not just about riding a horse,- the kids take care of the horses as much as possible. All this is done with a great joy and enthusiasm. The gift, therefore, will be used to cover the costs associated with this stay this year.

Thank you for helping us help!

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