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Gluing of non-woven wallpapers

Non - woven wallpapers: are suitable for all types of walls, bases, ceilings, etc., with all types of internal plasters, plaster panels, concrete p..

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Gluing vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpapers: are suitable for all types of interior (walls, plaster panels, formica, various washable paints). Depending on the quantity and quality of the top vinyl layer, it is possible to use wallpapers for various purposes. Bathroom wallpapers can be used in a damp env..

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Gluing paper wallpapers

Paper wallpapers: They are suitable for all interiors, but do not fit in a damp environment or walls that crack a lot. Carefully clean the walls of the room and adjust the unevenness, eg. by a balancing substance. Remove the old wallpapers and remove a water-soluble paint prefe..

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Types of wallpaper according to the used material

Paper wallpapers usually have one of the most distinctive advantages over others, and this advantage is a low price. These wallpapers are made of embossed, printed and pressed paper. The highest quality are double-layered embossed paper wallpapers - so-called duplex. According ..

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Preparation before gluing wallpaper

Before wallpapering, check the symbols that are important when purchasing and then working with wallpapers. Always glue the wallpapers with one production series! All wallpapers should have the same serial number to achieve the same shade.

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